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CNC and IT Consulting + Project Management, Interim Management, Work Preparation

CNC and IT Consulting: project management, interim management, work preparation
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CNC Consulting + Project Management

Benefit from capable consulting and connections to strong partners in case of founding, expending and managing of your company or outsource some parts or complete IT resp. CNC projects!

CNC Consulting and Project Management

  • Support during selection of suitable machine tools or manufacturing processes

  • Work preparation, process optimization

  • User cycles and manufacturer cycles

  • Postprocessors, individual converting software for CNC programs

  • Project management, work preparation, interim management

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IT Consulting and Project Management

  • IT consulting, software and hardware solutions

  • Networking CNC machines and plants, DNC solutions

  • Data exchange, converting data, EDI

  • Internet, extranet and intranet solutions, databases, reporting

  • Data backup, data recovery, data security, encryption

  • Interim management, project management, work preparation

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