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German Websites - Extranet, Intranet + Internet Solutions

Extranet, Intranet + Internet Solutions (German Websites by a native speaker)
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Intranet, Extranet + Internet Solutions

Optimise your internal processes with efficient intranet solutions, communicate with field staff, customers or suppliers via comfortable extranet solutions and reach especially your German target audience with professionally designed German websites.

Intranet Solutions

  • Optimization of internal processes using visualization and control of production

  • Provide manufacturing documents, work instructions and technical drawings

  • Information exchange between machines and plants and your work preparation

  • Enterprise resource planning, information management

  • Handling of staff feedback

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Extranet Solutions

  • Communication with customers and suppliers, Supply Chain Management

  • Support and coordination of field staff

  • Encouragement of distribution partners

  • Customized EDI interfaces

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Internet Solutions

  • Gain and attach especially your German target audience with a user-friendly, useful and attractive website

  • German website solutions (by a native speaker)

  • Easy to use with customised back office solutions resp. CMS

  • Modern internet solutions: Web applications, online catalogues, online shops, online services

  • Corporate design + pixel precise webdesign

  • Relaunch or extension of existing websites and internet solutions

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