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CNC Handbook Introducing computers into production engineering has drastically reduced the “artisan skill” content traditionally required in manufacturing processes and replaced it with high-precision, computer-controlled machinery. While this reduces human error and variability in output, it does not eliminate the knowledge required of the professional engineering or shop floor worker. On the contrary, the reverse is true. Managers, engineers, and workers still need to understand the fundamentals while they need to acquire other skills.
These highly-regarded authors combine more than 150 years of industrial and academic experience and expertise to provide readers with the fundamentals of the subject, from digital manufacturing with CNC machine tools and FMS up to Industry 4.0, emphasizing the increased importance of automated manufacturing based on computerized systems (CAD, CAM, CAQ, etc.).

  • This groundbreaking work introduces readers to CNC fundamentals, followed by a number of chapters which explain how different components are applied in practice.
  • This logical approach is extended to the study of CNC and drives, tooling, flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), and finally to NC-programming, DNC, digital manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and computer integrated manufacturing (CIM).
  • Additional chapters cover industrial robots, additive manufacturing, energy-efficient manufacturing, simulation systems, state of the art of machine integrated measuring systems, and using touch probes and laser beams.
  • Explains the functions and connections of all integrated components.

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