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Electronic business card + QR code

vCard, QR-Code
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QR-Code: Karsten Schneider - uks GmbH (vCard) Click here to download!

Electronic business card

The electronic business card (vCard) is an international file format standard for storing and transferring contact information. Files in this format are usually denoted by the suffix .vcf and can be used with many different applications e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Address Book for Mac OS X, Lotus Organizer as well as with systems based on Android, Symbian and so on.

Please just click on the graphic on the right to transfer my electronic business card to your computer.

QR code

QR code is another possibility to store data. Different from files the information will be stored in QR codes not electronically but graphically. The graphic alongside shows my electronic business card stored in a QR code that in this form can also be published by print media for flyers or posters.
To read this graphic you need either a 2D-scanner or a smartphone with an application (app) that can read QR codes. In the app store or on the marketplace for your smartphone you will find many free, suitable apps.

Just scan the QR code above to import my contact data without any annoying typing to your smartphone.

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